From their award winning program, MUSIC FOR CHILDREN & Beyond™, this class is designed as an independent experience for three and four year old children and will run for 10 weeks beginning October 1, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. continuing in winter/spring for 10 more weeks. 3 year olds should be 3 by Sept. 15th.

In SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC we will guide your children to experience everything that is music through their worlds of dramatic and naturalistic musical play. We will lead your children to sing, dance, move rhythms, read rhythms, create, improvise, play a large variety of instruments … and enoy the FUN-damentals of music in every class. 
Your child will Grow! Grow! Grow!​

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From one of last year's parents: 
"Absolutely! Count us in!! 
We love the classes. There truly is nothing else like it for Chloe and Tessa anywhere!!"

Fee for the 10 weeks: $300.00

We're so glad you chose our award winning program!

Westport School of Music Registration for 2016-17 School Year

Mary Ann Hall's MUSIC FOR CHILDREN & Beyond 

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