-One Family of Music For Children Alumni, 

Several "Generations" & Still Going!


"Dear Mary Ann & Bill, Thank you for giving me the most wonderful job ever! And for everything you do for me!"  

- Current Music Teacher at Music For Children 

"Music for Children is not only an important part of childhood, it is an essential part of childhood." 

-Tracy, Wilton Mom

​"Jordan is now 12 and I can honestly say that as I look back at all the many activities he has participated in, and he has done them all, his 6 years at Music for Children was by far the best. It is so much a part of who he is today. He loved it and so do I!" 

-Tiffany, Weston Mom 

"Thank you for holding my children's imaginations, expectations and delight so close to your hearts. Music makes them so buoyant and free and even empowered." 

-Michele, Westport Mom