Payment Procedures for School Year Programs

Classes run for a full school year - (26 weeks in CT and 24 in NYC - with the exception of Kaleidoscope of Theater in CT, which is 24 weeks.)

The tuition fees vary with different programs and locations. Mary Ann Hall's MUSIC FOR CHILDREN is a music school with a curriculum that has no comparison. Students who continue in our 7 or 13 year program grow musically as well as socially and intellectually, getting basic musical grounding and fundamental training on piano, recorder, voice, and musical theater. In other words, our program focuses on the CHILD as the instrument through which the music flows and grows, not on one specific musical instrument. We don't believe in "putting children on display" in regular recital situations. We have parent share days when parents can see their child participating in a class. For the older, more socially ready children, we have theatrical performances. Our focus is on your CHILD first and a comfortable learning environment where he or she feels very safe to explore all that is music without judgement or criticism, but with nurturing, fun-filled guidance from highly trained early childhood music educators.

School Year Classes:

We divide the payment into 3 installments:  An initial deposit to hold your spot in class, half of the remaining balance before the first class, and the final payment due by November 30.  For exact amounts, please see the program information on various links at this site. (CT Registration link) (New York City link). You can choose our Autocharge system which will automatically deduct these payments from your credit card without contacting you or you can choose to have the bill sent to you.  We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, and MasterCard as valid forms of payment.

You can pay up front in full.  You can also call the office at 203-854-9797 to set up a customized payment plan.

Spring / Summer Classes:
Payments are due in full before the first class begins.

You can call the office at 203-854-9797 to set up a customized payment plan.  We don't want your child to miss a beat of the MUSIC!

Good news!  The $25 Sibling Discount can be combined with any other discount or coupon for second, third, fourth, etc. children.

More good news!  The $50 (no more than 10%) Refer a Friend Discount can be combined with any other discount or coupon as well.  You (the enrolled MUSIC FOR CHILDREN family) invite a friend, new to our program (not an immediate family member such as little brothers or sisters), to join MUSIC FOR CHILDREN.  When your friend signs up for the FULL 26-week program, you get $50 off and your friend gets $50 off his/her FULL tuition as well! Only one win/win per new family please. You can refer as many families as you wish for $50.00 each, but only one new incoming child's tuition will receive the savings per family (Multiple children in a family will of course receive the sibling savings). For a partial year, a 10% of the pro-rated tuition will be given to both parties.  Be sure your friend enters your name in the "How did you hear about us?" box, and be sure to call our office to confirm the referral and discount- 203-854-9797.

With the exception of the Sibling and Refer a Friend Discounts, coupons, advertisements, discounts, etc. cannot be combined.  If you have already used a coupon and find one of a larger value, call the office!  We will apply the larger value to your tuition payment.

No refunds will be given for additional savings.  If you have paid in full without using a coupon, and find a valid coupon or discount for MUSIC FOR CHILDREN, we will apply the value of the discount to a future tuition payment.

No refunds will be granted after 30 days past opening day, with two exceptions: Serious illness or relocation to another community where MUSIC FOR CHILDREN is not offered.
In all cases, there is a $50 non-refundable administration fee in addition to any pro-rated refunds.

We want your children to experience our music!  So, our make-up policy is very generous.  We encourage you to make up a class within the week you're absent so that you don't miss that week's plan.  However, we understand that this is not always possible!  We do request that you call the office at 203-854-9797 to schedule missed classes as soon as possible.  You can schedule your makeup classes any time within the current Session.  Makeups cannot be carried over from one session to the next, however they can be planned in advance of an absence (For instance, if you missed 3 classes in the 26-week School Year Session you can call ahead and schedule them before you go out of town, but they can not be made up in the following Spring or Summer Sessions except under dire circumstances).