School Year Programs for Ages 7 to 14

Broadway Bound Classes
Seven’s, Eight’s, Nine’s & Ten’s

We build confidence and performance skills through supportive experiences that include voice projection, acting, choreography, costume and scenery design, and the language of theater. We continue the musicianship spiral travelling upwards and outwards, expanding your child’s musical understandings and abilities. Words are not enough to describe the blossoming talents of these continuing children. Lessons in voice, rhythm, music reading, listening, and recorder are a part of every class.  The year ends with a finale performance, alternating  Wizard of Oz, Hansel & Gretel, Free to Be You and Me, and Jungle Book.  One hour once a week.

* * Kaleidoscope Theater * *
Our Advanced Music Theater Program for 10 to 14 Year Olds

Our expansive theater program nurtures each participant, and includes experiences in every aspect of music theater:  voice lessons, acting lessons, dance, choreography, costume and set design...  Kaleidoscope Theater is taught by Broadway performer and professional voice coach Bill Hall, and also includes director, Mary Ann Hall, dance coach, Alissa Lepska, and guest performers.  Multiple performances give each member of the company opportunities to act many roles and to work on a show from a variety of perspectives.  We are excited to build upon our classic music theater programs and provide an expanded, focused, dynamic, hands-on, dramatic musical experience for older youth.
Join us to prepare your child for every “stage” of life.  Two hour extensive rehearsal once a week.

Age Level Information

School Year Programs for Toddlers up to Age 7
We are the original music school with a creative curiculum that grows with your child from birth to age 14!  All classes are led by experienced, highly trained music educators who sing, play guitar, and play piano in every class.  We bring the joy of music to your child in his/her world of imaginative play.  All aspects of music found at a conservatory level - rhythm, beat, harmony, melody, reading music, writing music - are incorporated into each class at the appropriate level for each child.

We bring the ART of the MUSIC
to the HEART of the
Since 1972

Infant / Toddler Program
Give wings to the music your child was born with! We share musical experiences that take you and your little one from “the sun in the morning ‘til the moon at night.”  CD and song book included.  45 minutes once a week.  Birth to 21 months by 12/31/11.  Parent/Child Class.
Twos Program
You and your child will get down in the music to experience our rich, creative, and interactive musical menu. Sing, dance, play instruments, move rhythms, read rhythms, respond, and invent. Inviting independent play and socialization in a supportive musical environment.  CD and song book included.  45 minutes once a week.  24 months by 12/31/11. Parent/Child Class.
Threes Program
Your children are masterful, musical inventors. We share experiences that lead them to connect beat, rhythm, melody, form, dynamics, tempo... with their worlds of fantasy and naturalistic play. Our own special brand of program music, Talking Piano, begins in January. Parent/child class to January, independent class from then to the end of the school year.  Song book included.  45 minutes once a week.  Parent/Child Class Sept. to Jan, Independent class Jan to May. 

Fours Program
Independent classes begin.  Your children internalize everything musical through our original “ONCE UPON A SONG STORIES:‘Horsin’ Around, ‘Circus Day,’ ‘Run Day’ ”... to name a few.  Your children delight in developing musical skills that include piano lessons each week beginning January.  Our original Piano Book included.  One hour once a week.

Fives Program
Your children begin the year connecting music with the world around them: Scale Play in the falling leaves, Rhythm Reading in an alphabet of trees, Melodic Reading in the harvest breeze, Piano Lessons on the ivory keys.  Beginning January, your children begin a Song, Rhythm and Piano Safari each week with our Harry the Hippo song and piano book.  “Harry the Hippo” Song and Piano book included.  One hour once a week.

Sixes and Sevens Program
Each of the previous programs have led us to this high point in music education!  This level of our creative music program includes lessons in piano, voice, recorder, chorded zither, and ukulele.  We jam, we jazz, we razz-a-ma-tazz!  Piano lessons every week.  Recorder lessons begin January.  Piano book and recorder included.  One hour once a week.  This particular class is a great precursor to our Broadway Bound classes and/or private instrument lessons, creating a solid foundation for a life of musical enrichment and growth!