Island Hopping - 

The South Pacific, Caribbean ...

Week of July 5

Finished - FUN!

Week of July 26

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All Things Disney!

Adventure in 


Week of August 16th

Week of August 9th

Finished - FUN​!

Only 1 week left, Aug. 16 ~ JOIN NOW!

4 days/week, Mon-Thur. 10:30 ~ 2:30

Week of July 12

Finished. - FUN!

America The Beautiful

"This Land Is Your Land"

Week of July 19

Finished - FUN!

For Ages 31/2 to 8 years!

The theme for the week is Peter and the Wolf and the meadow, the Magic Flute, Fantasia, and Fantasia 2000.  We will act out Peter and the Wolf with costumes and props and make props to take home and continue the musical story with your family. Of course we will have our usual indoor/outdoor play with arts and crafts & water and then our usual fabulous jam session with a drum set,  acoustic guitars, electric guitar, Piano, ukulele, Irish harp, chorded zithers and marimbas. Come enjoy one last camp week before summer ends!


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